Nuclear Hotseat #159: USS Reagan’s Steve Simmons & $1B Lawsuit against TEPCO


Lt-simmons-loeUSS Reagan sailor Steve Simmons and his wife, Summer




Steve Simmons, a 17-year Navy veteran who served on the USS Ronald Reagan when it was called to do humanitarian aid work in Japan following the 9.0 earthquake and tsunami on March 11, 2011, which began the Fukushima nuclear disaster. He is one of 112 sailors currently suing Fukushima Daiichi power plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Company – TEPCO – to create a $1 billion fund to cover medical expenses for all the armed forces personnel whose health has been devastated by their exposure to radiation.

For other USS Reagan/Fukushima radiation victims to contact the attorneys for the TEPCO lawsuit:
To contact lead attorney Paul Garner:  PCG@Garner


Surf’s up!  Anyone want to go swimming at a cesium-laden beach in northeast Japan?  Of course not!  So just don’t test for cesium – et voila! – problem goes away… er, not!

Children swim in the sea at the Nakoso beach in Iwaki city in Fukushima prefecture, 65km south of the crippled TEPCO nuclear power plant, on July 16, 2013
Children swim in the sea at the Nakoso beach in Iwaki city in Fukushima prefecture, 65km south of the crippled TEPCO nuclear power plant, on July 16, 2013.


  • More suspect nuclear waste containers identified at WIPP repository in Carlsbad, NM; radiation spike believed linked to removal of filters.
  • TEPCO breaks vow, refuses more compensation for Fukushima nuclear victims.
  • Tokyo supermarket sells Fukushima tomatoes for half price; sells out fast!
  • Earthquakes Without Faultlines in New Mexico near WIPP and New York near Indian Point;
  • Hurricane Arthur and Japanese Super-Typhoon Neoguri menace nuclear plants in their path; emergency prep measures taken.


  • EPA wants to raise radiation limits by a factor of 350!  Tell EPA head Gina McCarthy (who was responsible for the EPA’s RadNet monitors  not working in the immediate aftermath of Fukushima) what they can do with the proposed new standards; public input requested:

Nuclear Hotseat #158: San Onofre’s Latest Dangers w/Donna Gilmore

Image by 281_Antinuke
Image by 281_Antinuke




Scott Portzline
of TMI Alert, the Three Mile Island group based in Harrisburg, PA, on a new level of cyber-vulnerability in nuclear reactors and other energy generators, with a current attack that originates in Russia.  This is a story that has not yet made it into mainstream media.  Hear it here first!

Donna Gilmore
, one of the activists deeply involved in the actions that helped shut down the San Onofre nuclear reactors in southern California, now brings us up to speed on the latest set of dangerous possibilities at the site.  She focuses on the problems of storing high burn-up fuel in substandard dry casks — and minces no words about the problems created by the California Public Utilities Commission.  You thought all you had to do was shut them down?  Hah!


When is an “Unusual Event”
(aka Level One Warning of malfunction or potential accident) at a nuclear facility NOT an Unusual Event?  When it only happens for a really short time… and nobody notices!


  • WIPP radiation release numbers up for the first time since the Valentine’s Day Plutonium and Americium releases at the Carlsbad, NM facility;
  • International Fish Oil Standards Program now testing fish oil samples for radiation;
  • More than 50 Canadian and US communities oppose nuke waste dump half a mile from Lake Huron that Canada’s government is poised to approve:


  • Government-funded study in Japan shows Fukushima radiation release  into the Pacific Ocean exceeds Chernobyl’s total releases for land and water;
  • And if you’re flying to or from Japan, avoid hard candies and ice cream en route because both JAL and Thai Airways found to be serving sweets made in Fukushima from local ingredients.
JAL serves Fukushima candy for free on board flights to "support by eating."
JAL serves Fukushima candy for free on board flights to “support by eating.”




Nuclear Hotseat #157: Climate Change w/Nuke Engineer Ernie Goitein, NIRS Head Tim Judson



10338676_10201246699649449_3645819801397140818_oImage by 281_Anti nuke

Nuclear engineer Ernie Goitein offers clear explanations of engineering problems w/aging nuclear plants and provides a new insight as to how nukes directly impact global warming.

Tim Judson, Executive Director of Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS) on this September’s People’s Climate March and why anti-nuclear activists must rally and participate in large numbers.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe-baby
wants an integrated research center for “more rapid decommissioning” of Fukushima.  So when will it begin?  Not until April, 2015, at the latest!  Uh, a little behind the ball, Abe-baby?  And he wants to wait until then to allow “experts” to teach classes.  Never heard of Free Conference lines or Skype or Google Hang-outs for sharing information?  And who are the “leading researchers and engineers” from around the world you’re asking?  Arnie Gundersen of Fairewinds Energy Education?  Dr. Marvin Resnikoff, senior advisor at Radioactive Waste Management Associates?  This week’s guest, nuclear engineer Ernie Goitein?  Not holding my breath…

Ft. Calhoun nuclear reactors surrounded by Missouri River floodwaters, 2011 Missouri River (June-July, 2011)
Ft. Calhoun nuclear reactors surrounded by Missouri River floodwaters, June-July, 2011


  • Fort Calhoun NPP faces flooding from the Missouri River… again;
  • National call for NRC Commissioner William Magwood to resign in conflict of interest case;
  • Cow showing possible radiation-created white “dots” brought to Tokyo in protest by Fukushima Prefecture farmers;

    Fukushima cow showing white spots - possibly a sign of radiation exposure
    Fukushima cow showing white spots – no bull!
  • Aboriginal people in Australia force proposed Muckaty nuke dump out of business before it can be built;
  • Russia cracks down on anti-nuke activists, calling them “foreign agents.”


  • WIPP Workers’ Uh-Oh Plutonium Valentine! – a video by Myla Reson


Nuclear Hotseat #156 – 3rd Anniversary + WIPP Update w/Don Hancock




Don Hancock, Executive Director of the Southwest Information and Research Center, brings us up to date with another insightful update on what’s happening at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) site following the February 14, 2014 plutonium leak that shut the facility down.

AND – For Nuclear Hotseat’s third anniversary, Producer/Host Libbe HaLevy shares the fun of remembering how Nuclear Hotseat got started as a live conference call with only two callers, along with a mere smattering of her favorite outtakes.


The prime minister of Singapore, who met with Japanese PM Shinzo Abe-baby and summarily lifted the ban on Fukushima fruits and veggies.  No science, just a meeting.  What did Abe-baby promise you, good seats to the opening ceremony of the 2020 Radioactive Tokyo Olympics?


  • The number of Fukushima children’s thyroid cancer cases keeps increasing, with some having cancer metastisizing;
  • TEPCO admits that the ice wall around Fukushima’s reactors refuses to freeze;
  • Pacific Ocean continues ecological catastrophe as more species collapse;
  • Greenpeace releases study saying French renewables cheaper than nukes by 2019;
  • And Pakistan has more nuclear sense than the US when it comes to protecting its citizens from radiation.


Nuclear Hotseat #155: BREAKING: 1st USS Reagan Death + Voices f/Japan: Komoro Homestay w/Laura & Giichi Inoue




First death of a USS Ronald Reagan sailor hit by radiation from Fukushima Daiichi while on the humanitarian aid Operation Tomodachi.  Information just released today by the legal team representing the USS Reagan sailors in their billion dollar lawsuit against TEPCO.

Military honors for the late Theodore A. Holcomb, formerly  of the USS Ronald Reagan and one of the sailors represented in the billion dollar lawsuit against TEPCO.

Laura and Giichi Inoue run Komoro Homestay, a program which sponsors Fukushima families with small children to come to the relative safety of the Komoro/Nagano region to alleviate the stress of their daily lives .   They provide educational materials and the chance to speak honestly about their fears and stresses – a rarity in Japan.  To contact Komoro Homestay, go to:

For those who wish to share practical radiation-related material with Komoro Homestay, send an email to:


Canadian Nuclear “Safety” Commission has the gall to produce report saying that while the rest of the world’s radioactive materials may cause cancer, their s**t don’t stink and their radiation won’t hurt you… unless… well sometimes… maybe… but not very often… no, really (said Pinnochio as his nose grew longer…).


  • NRC needs to “duck and cover” as Sen. Barbara Boxer demands accountability and Sen. Ed Markey blows the lid off NRC reprisals against employees who stand up for safety;

Sen. Boxer On Fire re: Wild Fire Within 1/2 mile of San Onofre Nuke Plant – a video by Myla Reson

  • Vermont Yankee critics use laugh track on NRC and Entergy spokesmodels;
  • Radioactive groundwater spikes under Indian Point NPP;
  • TEPCO admits it hasn’t a clue what’s happening with the melted core or the water leaks at Fukushima;
  • Japan forgets to report on its hidden stash of 80-bombs-worth of weapons grade plutonium – OOPS!
  • Midwest activists unveil media campaign against new Fermi 3 nuke in Michigan:
Billboard campaign against proposed new Fermi 3 nuclear reactor in Michigan
Billboard campaign against proposed new Fermi 3 nuclear reactor in Michigan


Ace investigative reporter Susannah Frame reports on  workers denied medical care benefits after toxic exposure at the Hanford Site for KING 5 News in Seattle:

Contact information for Sister Megan Rice:
Metropolitan Detention Center
PO Box 329002
Brooklyn, NY  11232

Contact information for Michael Walli, 92108-020
FCI McKeanFederal Correctional Institution
PO Box 8000
Bradford, PA  16701

Contact information for Gregory Boertje-Obed 08052-016
USP Leavenworth
PO Box 1000
Leavenworth, KS  66048

Nuclear Hotseat #154: WHO/IAEA Unholy Alliance – Joe Mangano Shreds WHO’s Epidemiology + Never-been-heard Alison Katz Outakes




The second of two special encore presentations on the World Health Organization’s “Unholy Alliance” with the pro-nuclear International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Joseph Mangano of Radiation and Public Health Project ( shreds the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) stranglehold on the World Health Organization’s (WHO) ability to present honest information on radiation dangers to public health. A point-by-point analysis of IAEA’s flawed epidemiological mandate to WHO, based on the late Dr. Rosalie Bertell’s analysis. Core information on how the entire world has been tricked into believing radiation is no big deal.

Joseph Mangano with RPHP supporter Christie BrinkleyJoseph Mangano (r) with RPHP supporter Christie Brinkley (l)

Alison Katz of Independent WHO was featured in last week’s encore presentation.  Here, we provide never-been-heard outtakes from that interview where Alison talks about the geopolitics of the World Health Organization; the impact of the seven-year, five-day-a-week protest at WHO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, by Independent WHO; and a major flaw in the epidemiology that allows the WHO to claim only 50 deaths resulting from Chernobyl.

Regular Nuclear Hotseat format resumes next week with #155, including a new Voices from Japan. 



Nuclear Hotseat #153: Special Encore: WHO/IAEA Unholy Alliance

Screen shot 2013-12-31 at 1.48.58 PM

THIS IS A SPECIAL ENCORE PRESENTATION of Nuclear Hotseat, the first of two on the unholy alliance between the World Health Organization and the pro-nuclear International Atomic Energy Agency.   

 Alison Katz, today’s interviewee, is a sociologist and psychologist who worked inside the WHO for 18 years.   Now a leader within Independent WHO, which she will explain, Alison dissects the history, politics and manipulations of the United Nations agency we’re supposed to trust to safeguard the world’s health – especially in nuclear matters. This is a Nuclear Hotseat exclusive.




NEXT WEEK:  Joseph Mangano, Director of Radiation and Public Health Project (, will go over the flawed epidemiology used by the WHO in its analysis of Chernobyl’s impact, based on the work of the late Dr. Rosalie Bertel. 

Nuclear Hotseat #152: Voices from Japan: Idogawa, Horikiri and Oishinbo Controversy

NH #152 - GRAPHIC - Voices of Japan521





日本語版を聞く場合はここをクリックして下さい。LISTEN HERE (JAPANESE): 

ダウンロードをして聞く場合はここをクリックして下さい。DOWNLOAD HERE  (JAPANESE):

FEATURED:  Voices from Japan features former Futuba Mayor Idogawa, filmmaker Satomi Horiki, and an examination of the Oishinbo manga comic controversy over nosebleeds, radiation fatigue and government suppression of the medical facts.


A Kennedy and a Beatle?  Yep!  When they could get together and save the world. Imagine…

Ambassador Kennedy, in full hazmat at FukushimaAmbassador Caroline Kennedy, in full hazmat at Fukushima.


  • Fukushima Prefectural Government and Fukushima Medical University found to have signed secrecy pact with pro-nuclear IAEA;
  • Radiation keeps peaking over previous peaks at Fukushima, but TEPCO plans to just dump radwater into the Pacific starting next week;
  • California wildfires threaten San Onofre nuclear waste:

10314457_656567967731629_3495991168893282108_nSouthern California wildfire threatening San Onofre’s spent fuel pools; note the traffic jam of people trying to escape.

  • Thyroid cancer in Fukushima kids jumps 51.5% over February numbers;
  • Los Alamos is the definite source of WIPP underground explosion and radiation leak – more containers at risk at WIPP, at WCS in Texas, and at Los Alamos;
  • Ukraine stops armed gunmen from forcing their way into nuclear power plant;
  • Canada throws out preliminary approvals for two new nukes in Ontario;
  • CA Public Utilities Commission President Michael R. Peevey gets peeved and shouts/curses down honest question at SCE pork barrel evidentiary hearing;
  • …and much more!







Nuclear Hotseat #151: WIPP Done In by Kitty Litter?!? Maybe Not! Don Hancock, + Ray Lutz on CPUC/SCE $3.3 Billion San Onofre Bailout

WIPP Site Worker in Full Hazmat






  • Don Hancock, Director of Southwest Research and Information Center in Albuquerque, NM, brings us up to date on the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) site, including his take on the “green kitty litter” now being blamed for the “explosion that was not an ‘explosion’” that caused a radiation leak at the government’s only site for nuclear waste disposal.

CONTACT INFO for DOE Media Spokesmodel Bradley Bugger at WIPP:


PHONE:  575-234-7545.

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 3.02.12 PM

Worker at the WIPP Site in Full Hazmat Mufti


  • Ray Lutz of Citizen’s Oversight Project interprets the confusing shenanigans about the California Public Utility Commission’s “done deal” bailout of  defunct San Onofre nuclear power facility’s operators Southern California Edison, to the tune of $3.3 BILLION in taxpayer funds.  But it’s not over yet!

988879_10200145676109559_1403177917_nThis was not an invitation to SCE to continue to milk the ratepayers!


Kyushu Electric Power and Hokkaido Electric Power are complaining: “Mom, TEPCO got a bailout from the Japanese government and they made a profit of $4.3 BILLION last year, why can’t we get a multi-billion dollar bailout of our own, huh, huh???????”


  • NRC sets seismic analyses of 21 nuclear reactors as “a priority” – as long as it takes place by 2019 <!>.
  • Fukushima Prefecture goes bonkers over Manga comic with characters who tell the truth about nosebleeds, fatigue;
  • Worker sues TEPCO for radiation exposure, cites USS Reagan sailors;
  • N. America’s Fukushima fallout exposure estimated at 400 TRILLION bequerels of Cesium-137;
  • and TEPCO’s frozen sea wall – any bets?

Nuclear Hotseat #150: Award-winning Journalist Karl Grossman




Interview w/award-winning investigative journalist Karl Grossman on how the nuclear industry has gamed the media since before Hiroshima, why mainstream media continues to resist coverage of nuclear news, and thoughts on how to start breaking that logjam.

FREE KARL GROSSMAN BOOK (pdf):  Cover Up: What You Are Not Supposed to Know About Nuclear PowerFor your FREE download, just click on Cover Up Sample



TEPCO double-header:  Naohiro Masuda, newly appointed head of the Fukushima Daiichi “Decontamination and Decommissioning” Company, on cost-cutting measures which include eliminating what?!?!????? from on-site workers?  AND – TEPCO claims they can’t afford to keep providing stipends to Fukushima residents forced out of their homes and will cut them off next March.  So how much did this genocidal company net last year?  Hold onto your knickers…

(Full story  on Masuda here:



  • WIPP (Waste Isolation Pilot Plant) site in Carlsbad, New Mexico, shows damage to bags of magnesium oxide placed atop waste containers to stop radiation leaks – LOL!;
WIPP site magnesium oxide bags - intened to prevent release of radioactive material into the environment for 10,000 years.  How's that working for you?
WIPP site magnesium oxide bags – intended to prevent release of radioactive material into the environment for 10,000 years.  How’s that working for you?
  • Hanford explosion during Plutonium Finishing Plant demolition hidden from authorities and public for two weeks; union rep furious;
  • Tokyo quakes register 6.6 and 6.1, but word from Fukushima’s Spent Fuel Pool 4: Don’t worry, be happy!;
  • Scott Portzline of Three Mile Island Alert offers a special invitation to participate in a webinar on NRC lies with Tim Judson of NIRS,  Eric Epstein of TMI Alert and himself.  
  • …and if we could talk to the animals – meaning the fish/sea lions/sea birds/whales/owls/otters on the west coast of North America, they’d be really really pissed off at us about what the radiation from Fukushima is doing to them!

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