Nuclear Hotseat #45 – Arnie Gundersen on San Onofre – EXCLUSIVE!


An exclusive Nuclear Hotseat interview with Arnie Gundersen of on San Onofre, how and when the problems happened with the steam generators, and the dangers of even thinking about a restart this summer (as SCE has announced they are planning to do).  PLUS:

  • Battle heats up over NRC’s anti-safety Svnicki going for second term as Commissioner;
  • EPA’s Radnet “potentially impaired” during the worst of Fukushima and not in great shape if/when a nuclear accident happens in the US;
  • TEPCO to dump groundwater into the ocean at a rate of 1,000 tons a day – the equivalent of 240,000 gallons;
  • Fukushima women organize to share reliable information about radiation;
  • Rumors spread of dead fetuses in utero and birth defects possibly traceble to Fukushima radiation;
  • Big demos coming at GE shareholders meeting on April 24 and at San Onofre this Sunday, April 29;
  • Poetry helps Japanese people heal via iPhone/iPad app;
  • Radiation safety for your car;
  • And when 92-year old Frances Crowe, arrested for protesting Vermont Yankee, was asked what her plea was to the charge, she answered, “I plead for the future of life and all living things in New England.”  Amen, Sister!

Arnie Gundersen asked for us to make our nuclear wishes known to our Senators and the President.  Here’s how you can do it:



Comments: 202-456-1111

Switchboard: 202-456-1414

11 thoughts on “Nuclear Hotseat #45 – Arnie Gundersen on San Onofre – EXCLUSIVE!”

  1. Congratulations on scoring this great interview with Arnie!

    It’s interesting that he said San Onfore wouldn’t be licensed if it were a new plant!!

  2. Great interview with Arnie; I like your commitment, energy, and intelligence; will start following your website. (Found out about this interview – and your website – from Will also forward this interview to a couple of contacts (though I have not found too many who are willing to look into it all – most take the easy way out, play the denial card – the same syndrome that got us into this mess in the first place.)

  3. The Rockies are not in Calfiornia. The main range is the Sierra Nevada. So Cal has the Santa Monica- San Gabriel (transverse range) Mountains. There is smaller coastal range parallel to the coast line above Santa Barbara to San Francisco. It is important to inform the public whether or not the cedar containing Cesium 137-134 was found in Rockies (Colorado, Wyoming, or Montana) Thank you

  4. Thank you for all you do. You are appreciated. Especially in these times of disinformation and media blackout. This industry is disgusting.

  5. When one changes their ‘world view’ everything makes perfect sense. Thank you for making information available.


  6. Did you see this? >>>>>>>


    “The US House Appropriations Committee on Wednesday passed on to the full chamber a Department of Energy spending bill that would cut $345 million from the agency’s fiscal 2013 budget, providing it with $26.1 billion, and would shift emphasis from renewable energy and energy efficiency to fossil fuels and nuclear power.”

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