Nuclear Hotseat #129: US Sailors Vs. TEPCO w/Attorney Charles Bonner

2364241259sJapanese citizens protest the newly-passed Secrecy Law






INTERVIEW:  Attorney Charles Bonner, one of the team representing sailors from the USS Ronald Reagan in their lawsuit against TEPCO for the health damages they sustained from Fukushima radiation during Operation Tomadachi, the humanitarian aid mission to Japan immediately after the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami. 



NUMNUTZ OF THE WEEK:  Japanese government PR stunt feeds radioactive Fukushima rice to workers and executives in a Tokyo government office complex, while the farmer who grew it can only visit his fields, not live there because the area is still too contaminated for resettlement.  

20131209_32_v_s2Japanese Ministry officials chowing down on Fukushima Rice grown by farmers who can’t live near their fields because it’s too radioactive.


  • RadCast w/Mimi German – the nuclear radiation “weather report”


994665_10152027198309431_350484941_nFistfights break out in Japanese Diet during PM Abe-baby’s ramming through of state secrets act.

  • Japanese citizens demonstrate, organize against state secrets act;
  • How Japan ignored Chernobyl in setting nuclear safety standards;
  • Explosion and fire in Arkansas nuke facility, more demands for radiation testing for food and the ocean;
  • AARP going after Florida “advance fee” law;
  • And who knew Mexico had a National Commission of Nuclear Safety and Safeguards? 


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  1. Please add to your category list Simi Valley, California I beg you to cover these new articles about the Boeing company and the cleanup due to end in 2017 at the Santa susanna melt down site help get the word out. My family has suffered in many deaths and cancers from brain tumer, heart, MS, prostate and many heatlh proplems you reported on. I was born and lived there with my family all our life’s . What happened there should be broadcasted all over the region with the recent news about the clean up. It’s unbelievable what is in the ground like cesium 137, 1000x above except able levels today! The chemicals used to clean the radiation at the plant is in the millions of gallon still in the ground yes dumped into the earth. Only 10 gallon can be removed a year from the water table and wells. WTF. Have they done to us?

  2. Very informative podcast. Wonderful to listen to a woman tell the truth about what is going on in this world, and tell it so very well. Please know that God will act and permit the meek to inherit the earth and that he shall destroy those who destroy the earth. He knows when and how to deal with this terrible ruination of the earth. A hug for you all from me.

  3. I heard your show this evening for the first time. I love it. How much do meters cost and where can I buy one?

    I live in Lubbock TX, elevation 3,000 feet.

  4. Japanese Ministry officials photo- What a cheezy posturing promo shot.
    They wouldn’t have smirks on their face if the rice was the real deal.

  5. Hi – Regarding radiation monitors, I suggest you check with our resident expert, Mimi German and the folks at They know the most reliable meters and can steer you in the right direction. Meanwhile, feel free to look back on more than 2-1/2 years of Nuclear Hotseat interviews. Thanks for joining! And get involved!

  6. So join us in revealing the truth and taking action. The anti-nuclear movement needs every one of us — and the best place you can place your rage is in action against the nuclear mafia.

  7. We would like to help spread awareness about this story. We’ve been doing a weekly internet show/call for the past 6 1/2 years since May of 2007. One of our key initiatives has been to expose and spared awareness about the ongoing systematic efforts by the Veterans Administration to deprive veterans of their job and health benefits – see We produced a video which you will find on our site about this case. The key plaintiff in this effort, Viet Nam Marine Veteran Ed Crosby, has been on our show several times.

    Our show takes place every Thursday beginning at 8 pm CDT. I can be reached by email or by cell 847-878-8090,

    Thanks in advance!

    Happy New Year!

    Peace and God Bless,

    Fred Smart
    The American Underground Network

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